Finding a good Plaster Company Colorado Springs trusts can be challenging

Like so many old world trades, interior plastering is one that is nearly impossible to do well yourself, and hard even to find a competent, qualified company to do for you. Plastering is truly an art form, almost a form of sculpture, except adding material to a surface instead of taking it off. Interior plaster adds value to your home or business, is durable, cleanable, and has a luminosity for both light absorption and reflection unlike any other surface covering.

Plaster is not just “white”, it is available in a variety of colors and a variety of materials. There are also textured plasters available, and some that add marble dust, travertine, or limestone for further texture. Marbling effects can be achieved in plaster, making it a good alternative to expensive marble or traditionally carved items such as columns, corbels, and curved wall edges.

Traditional plaster is slaked lime base, but clay plaster and other materials are available that are even more inert and lower VOC than regular plaster. Plaster does not off gas and is non-toxic, so it is safe for children, pets, and medical conditions. It continues to cure over time and thanks to the chemical interaction with the carbon dioxide in a normal environment, literally turns back into stone over time.

Our years of experience and skilled staff can help with decisions about the type of plaster you would like applied, and variations that are available. Our quotes are always free. Contact us to help with those decorating decisions, and know a professional, experienced interior plaster contractor Colorado Springs knows and trusts is on your design team.

Plaster repair Colorado Springs needs results from many things

While a durable finish, some things can damage interior plaster, such as too much water or flooding, things that cause permanent stains that soak in and can not be cleaned, and direct strike damage. Repairing that damage often is a lot more challenging than it may look, as getting plaster to adhere to old plaster and match in texture and color is difficult.  Contact Stucco Contractors Colorado Springs for a professional estimate to get plaster repairs done that actually correct the issue and protect your plaster walls from further damage or deterioration.

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Venetian plaster Colorado Springs style is market hot right now

Plaster is one of the oldest finishes for interiors in the world. It has been around for many centuries, for good reason. It is inert and does not off gas, can be cleaned, and is highly durable. It can also be colored, patterned, or surface enhanced. There is a lot of versatility in plaster, and can be combed, stamped, embossed, and polished.

One of the hottest types of plasterwork right now for decorating is Venetian plaster. Venetian is plaster that has been sanded and polished after the second coat is added. This creates texture and contrast, as well as a durable, hard finish on the surface. Often marble dust is added to create a more varied texture, and depending on the color, sometimes a primer base is used to cover any white that might show from the plasterboard. Venetian has the appearance of Italian marble when done correctly.

Stucco Contractors Colorado Springs is the full service lath and plaster contractor Colorado Springs utilizes

When you need professional plastering services for the interior of your home or building, call Stucco Contractors Colorado Springs for a free quote. Interior plaster is a messy, exacting job that requires skilled, experienced craftsmen. We will protect the adjacent areas in your building and clean up when we are done. We know how to achieve the patterns, combing, and textures to give you an attractive finished product, and are experienced in specialty plaster applications such as Venetian and Marmorino finishes. We will be happy to advise you what works best and why for particular applications like backsplashes and bathroom walls. Contact us for a free quote, and let us help you add a timeless finish to the interior of your home or business.

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