Stucco Colorado Springs style needs skilled application

Stucco is not a do it yourself job. Stucco requires multiple layers of base, insulation in some cases, wrap, moisture barriers, specific kinds of moisture weep screed and papers, and different stucco materials to build up the layers for proper adherence and finish. You also have to know what preparation steps have to be taken in between each stage, how dry or damp the layer needs to be for the next to go down, and other experienced points. Most laymen just do not have the experience to do stucco.

Stucco is heavy and must be mixed to the exact need and kind for the application. Do not trust your exterior job to someone who only “sort of” knows what they are doing. If stucco is not applied correctly, it can crack, crumble, and fail, or worse, let moisture into the walls of your house, causing mold and mildew. A skilled craftsman with a qualified stucco and plaster contractor like Stucco Contractors Colorado Springs is always the best idea for stucco application.

Call qualified stucco contractors Colorado Springs trusts

When you are hunting for a qualified stucco contractor for exterior work, call Stucco Contractors Colorado Springs. We are experienced, have qualified crews, and only do stucco and plaster work. We take great pride in our trade and providing the best stucco job available in Colorado Springs, all at a fair price. Our quotes are always free, so contact us first and see how we can help make your project a reality.

Is stucco repair Colorado Springs weather dependent?

Colorado Springs is one of the most beautiful areas in the U.S. in our opinion, but we are locals and kind of proud of where we live. Stucco when applied correctly must cure between layers, up to 7-10 days each in some cases. This is for the stucco to release moisture, dry, and cure, since it truly becomes stone once again due to the reaction with air. That said, stucco work, repair in particular, is very weather dependent.

Often when we are doing stucco repair, the issue is moisture retention in a wall done by someone who did not allow the stucco to cure property, did not install the right substrate, or did not put weep screed and liner below openings or at the bottom of walls. All these are things a professional exterior stucco contractor knows have to be done to insure the clad is stable.

If you are getting a stucco job done, no matter the type, yes, weather can change your schedule, especially rain or snow, which we know can happen in Colorado near the mountains. It also has to be applied above a certain temperature, as frost in a stucco wall is destructive.  We work very hard to stick to schedule, but sometimes Mother Nature has better ideas. We will advise you of any changes to your stucco completion schedule and work hard to not inconvenience you.

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Not all stucco companies in Colorado Springs are the same

Too often we encounter stucco on a building that has problems, and sadly, it is often soon after someone paid for a stucco job that was not what they thought they were getting. Stucco is a learned trade that needs to be done by skilled, experienced craftsmen. Climate, building structure, and the type of stucco all figure into how well stucco works as a durable surface. Contact a real stucco company that only does stucco and has for years – Stucco Contractors Colorado Springs.

What you need to know about stucco over siding Colorado Springs uses

We get a lot of calls from customers asking about putting stucco over their existing siding, and whether it is possible, or even advisable. Our answer is yes, maybe, and probably not. Stucco over siding has some really important caveats to doing it, and while it appears it might save time and money, it is not always a good solution to your stucco needs.

While it might seem the fastest and cheapest thing to do to save having to strip off and put back up sheeting and barrier with lath, there are a few things that must be paid attention to in order to even consider running stucco over siding in Colorado Springs. First, the kind of siding and its stability is critical. How was it applied, what condition is it in, and can the surface be scratched sufficiently to allow the stucco to adhere properly?

The biggest issue, though, is what is the condition under the siding.  Is there any wood rot, insect damage, moisture, mold, or mildew damage inside the walls of the structure? Was the structure built with sufficient uprights with the correct distance between to support the weight of the stucco once applied? All these are questions that a qualified, experienced stucco and plaster contractor such as Stucco Contractors Colorado Springs can answer. 

Exterior stucco is extremely heavy, from 6-10 pounds per square foot. It has to have something to hang onto and bond with in order to stay in place, cure over time, and be stable. This is why wrap, moisture barriers, and lath (wire gridding) or fiberglass webbing is used under the stucco to give it something to hang onto. It is also what allows the stucco to shed moisture as the house breathes, and provides an insulation layer.

If you think you have a sturdy structure with siding that might allow stucco to be applied, contact us. Our quotes are always free, and we will give you an honest idea of the feasibility of putting stucco over your existing siding, or whether we advise against it, and why. We take pride in providing a stucco exterior that you will get great service and durability from over a long period of time, and sometimes corners simply can not be cut to provide you that outcome.

Stucco Contractors Colorado Springs is your one stop shop for traditional, acrylic, elastomeric, or Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems for stucco that will add value and durability to your property. Give us a call for a free quote and you will be pleased with the conversation.

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